Fruits-vegetables / Washing - processing

  • γραμμη πλυσης λαχανικων μεγάλης δυναμικότητας

    Large capacity line for washing vegetables.

  • Γραμμή πλύσης καρότου

    Carrot washing line .

  • Πλυντήριο σπανακιού

    Washing spinach.

  • Πλυντήρια φρούτων και λαχανικών

    Washing fruits and vegetables of all types.

  • Στατικό πλυντήριο

    Static vegetables dish.

  • Αυτόματο στεγνωτήριο

    Automatic dryer.


Washers for any kind of agricultural product made of stainless steel with integrated processing systems - disinfection and / or cooling water. Machines made in order to achieve the best end result with the lowest cost of energy and water consumption and basic feature ease of cleaning and disinfection at the end of the washing process.

Steam peeling systems, abrasive or knives and boiling systems (blancers) different technologies depending on the product and customer requirements.

Systems for filtering the wash water to be reused and systems for drying products after washing using best techniques depending on the type and sensitivity of each product (centrifugation, heated air, a combination of drying and cooling, etc.)