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Building Facilities.


The company Advanced Food Technologies was established in 2005 as a continuation of many years of personal activities of its founders. Having already gained strong expertise in technology of 4th range, focused on the dissemination and development of the Greek market, expanding year by year its scope, in a wide range of food and beverage industry. In 2011 the company moved into private facilities which consist of exhibit space 340 sq.m. and offices 140 sq.m. which are located on the 2nd km of the outer ring road of Thessaloniki between nodes Kalohori and Ionia.

In 2013 the investment plans of the company completed the expansion of the existing building at 500 square meters to create a standard unit for repair and reconstruction of used food machinery, design and production of stainless equipment (films, elevators, diallogis banks), but principally for the development of the same systems (molds for packaging machines) as format for Vertical Bag machines, for horizontal machines Paste trays (tray sealers) and thermoforming machines.

For this purpose the company is purchasing and installing the necessary modern mechanical equipment and specialized software for the design and development of these systems. The company is able to offer today proven solutions to a wide range of primary and secondary production, such as:

Product Categories


Machinery for processing and packaging of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Rice, beans, olives

Machinery for processing and packaging of agricultural products (rice, beans, olives)


Machines for frozen products industry (vegetables, baked goods, meat)

Ready meals

Machinery for ready meals industry.


Machinery for coffee and nuts industry.


Machinery for industry of bottled liquid or viscous products.