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Stacker Machine 2010

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The STACKER machine is now fully operational since early September for hex crackers with cheese type produced by the company Unismack ABEE in Kilkis. The machine that runs a production of around 750 crackers / min consists of separating strips and guidance of crackers which finalists are divided into four final assembly positions wherein measured and placed in "piles" predetermined number which is then the workers put into the plastic containers to continue the packaging machine in a "flowpack". The effectiveness and reliability of the machine which ypopolaplasiazei high labor costs that was the customer to date, is expected to recoup the investment very soon widening significantly customer margins.

19 MAR

Agrotica 2010

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We will present innovative manufacturers in agricultural products processing machinery (Turatti srl), packaging machinery of all types (CRIMAX, MIELE, LAVEZZINI, SEALTECH), in machinery production and primary processing of agricultural products. We wait for all on 3-7 / 2/2010 stant2.

06 MAR

Detrop 2009

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Presented agricultural products processing machinery Turatti srl (agricultural processing lines, vegetable, potato, carrot, etc.) and bag packaging machines with automatic weighing (Miele snc), a "bell" with vacuum (Lavazzini) in Plastic flowpack (Chrimax srl) and tray tray sealer (Reepack and Sealtech).


Quote familiarize supply equipment 2008

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At the conclusion of a contract for the installation of organic products Gammon fourth production lines went AFT companies and Bioagros SA (Cold Faucet Giannitsa)