Support Equipment / Constructions

  • Βοηθητικός εξοπλισμός, ιδιοκατασκευές

Our company has invested in new equipment and human resources and is able to offer the possibility of building stainless steel and other structures in accordance with the specific requirements of each customer.

The whole design is done in CAD environment by our own experienced design office, while the cuts are made with highest precision in laser cutting and gluing machine TIG and finishing decapage and polishing - finishing of the surfaces is made with an innovative fully ecological technique based on an electrochemical reaction (no acid - no waste - not burden the environment) which ensures perfect surface quality and to maximize the resistance of the welded workpiece to future oxidations in the solder, ensuring the usability of the food industry, without problems for many years.

The main manufacturing capabilities of the company are:

  • Conveyor belts of all types, with fixed or modular tape, with tape intralox, elevators with heels every size and shape or buckets for bulk products.
  • Sorting Banks for agricultural products.
  • Work benches, trolleys, lofts and other auxiliary machinery.
  • Rotating boxing tables.
  • New ormats for vertical packaging machines, molds and dies for machine tray sealer & thermoforming packaging machines.
  • Special stainless steel constructions based on the customer's wishes.
  • Our products are aimed at the whole spectrum of the food industry, especially in agricultural products processing and processing plants, meat and sausages, ready meals, frozen and fresh food, catering etc.