Fruits and vegetables / Cutting

  • Μηχάνημα κοπής
  • Φυγόκεντρος κόφτης λαχανικών

    Centrifuge cutter for fruits and vegetables.

  • Μηχάνημα κοπής

    Processing machinery for fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Μηχάνημα κοπής και τεμαχισμού μανιταριών

    Mushroom cutting machinery.

  • Μηχάνημα κοπής πιπεριάς

    Fully automated pepper cutting system.


Machinery for cutting all product types and for any kind of cutting, incorporating the most advanced cutting technologies and excellent materials reliability, quality cutting surfaces, long duration equipment and excellent final results according to the highest standards of hygiene and safety.